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Decorative Lighting solutions

Our energy-efficient, low hazard solutions benefit
hospitals, patients and staff alike.

Enhancing your
healthcare experience

Enhancing the quality of recovery and stay.
Using chromatherapy in your lighting.

  • Impact Lighting Inc., is Orlando's most creative lighting manufacturer. Our HEALTHCARE LIGHTING DIVISION works with hospital and medical facilities using the latest cutting-edge lighting technology to create a calming and professional atmosphere with a unique ambiance.
  • Focused on sustainability, Impact Lighting is constantly developing innovative lighting control systems to conserve energy providing lower cost alternatives as well as unique ambiance.
  • Impact Lighting's Thinglow™ LEDs are your solution for energy savings. Sustainable and adaptable, Thinglow lighting is available in a wide range of colors and temperatures to suit any and every need for hospitals and medical facilities.
  • Impact Lighting designs lighting control systems to transform surroundings. With our RS232 Advanced controllers and custom user interface touchpad you can easily transform a space with a simple touch of your finger.
  • More lighting control means more ambient options. Ambience is exceedingly relevant in testing areas, lobbies, examination rooms and entrance and reception areas.
  • Through years of collaboration in the industry, Impact Lighting Inc. understands the high-stress reality of the healthcare processes. We will work with you to create a welcoming, efficient facility that is specifically designed around the needs of patients, healthcare practitioners and management as well as visitors.

Featured Products

  • The Healing Environment

    Neutralize stress with lighting, patients can change lighting themes to tune to their own ideal healing environment.

    Personalized lighting

    Stress and anxiety often are high for patients visiting a medical center and this can inhibit patient recovery time.

    If patients can customize their environment, it gives them additional control of their personal space. This, in turn, can have a positive effect on recovery time and quality.

    Create Your Space

    Lighting provides a unique way to transform our surroundings. Our lighting and controllers give extensive options for customizability much like the diversity of the client’s needs and personalities.

    Points of Focus

    More lighting control means more options. Ambience is important everywhere but especially in testing areas, lobbies, examination rooms and entrance and reception areas.

  • Healthcare Lighting Solutions

    For innovative healthcare providers, you must focus on ambiance to provide an efficient and pleasant environment, as this has a great deal of impact on staff effectively, and the comfort of patients and visitors. Lighting customization plays a significant role in enhancing healthcare delivery.

    We’re aware that adopting today’s new lighting solutions can seem daunting to hospitals and other care facilities. Impact Lighting Inc. supports our clients in this process by removing all complexity while still delivering innumerable advanced controlling options. We can easily implement any lighting solution for you, developing not only the newest and most tested products, but also project management, customization and maintenance services.

    The Green Evolution

    This concept saves money and increases sustainability by using state-of-the-art lighting technology to minimize energy expenditure. It can also improve light quality and optimize the healing environment. Customers have an endless number of options that are also Earth friendly. Each and every GreenEvolution project consists of a customized package of products and services, built specifically around individual requirements and goals.

    Robust Healing

    Robust Healing is a lighting system specially designed for hospital rooms that addresses people’s visual, and biological response to lighting ambiance. It is designed to make optimal use of both natural and “dynamic” lighting in a way that’s been proven to support human biorhythms – studies show that patients fall asleep faster and sleep longer in Robust Healing rooms. The system also features additional illumination that can be adjusted by staff and patients to aid in examinations and create a soothing, comforting ambience. The result is an enhanced healing environment that can help promote patient well-being and recovery, and improve staff satisfaction and performance.